Description of Service

Ptarmigan provides experienced, knowledgeable staff to fulfill client service obligations from Ptarmigan’s premises. Our staff are knowledgeable in many production accounting systems – we have an in-house license for the ENTERO ONE system.

Ptarmigan staff manages production accounting data for oil, gas, and products associated royalties – we believe that regulatory compliance is critical.

Our services are well-known and valued in the industry. We use the best production accounting software.


Discussion of Ptarmigan Oil and Gas Accounting Ltd.

Ptarmigan Oil and Gas Accounting Ltd. is in the business of providing Production Accounting outsourcing services to small and junior-sized Oil and Gas companies.

Ptarmigan Oil and Gas Accounting Ltd. was incorporated on February 21, 2003. Its principals are Mrs. Nelly Eyk and Mr. Garry Mushens. The company has been in operation in various forms since 1994 as Ptarmigan Consulting, Ptarmigan Energy Services Inc, Applied Television Systems, COGNICASE, and CGI. The independent company Ptarmigan Oil and Gas Accounting Ltd. was following a corporate decision made by CGI in February 2003 to withdraw from Production Accounting outsourcing.