Why would we just not hire a contractor?

Answer:  Good question, there are many contractors out there, and some even come at reasonable rates! However, you must ask yourself where will the contractor be in a year? Ptarmigan has been around a significant time, with a very consistent core staff. It is our responsibility to ensure coverage for vacation, illness, unexpected circumstances and the possibility that someone’s career aspirations change. With a contractor these responsibilities generally fall back to you the client.

Contractors often want to use your space, use your equipment and have you provide the accounting software. These are extra costs to you above their contract rate.

Revenue Canada are looking closer and closer at whether your contractor is deemed to be an employee – if it is ruled that the contractor is an employee you will be responsible for unpaid government deductions. There is no equivalent risk to you when you hire Ptarmigan.

No individual knows everything and our staff are no different from a contractor or employee in that respect, however our employees are part of a team – a wealth of knowledge and expertise – your client contact may not know the answer to your problem immediately but they do have a strong support network that can help answer any question or concern.