Will you work from our offices?

Answer: We only work from our offices. This is because then we are available to you each and every business day – otherwise we are only available e.g. two days per week. – It becomes more efficient for you.

It is also more economical for you – production accounting can be a stop and go process, by working at our offices we can use your downtime to work on other clients thus reducing the cost to you. By us working our office you do not face the costs of office space and equipment.

When you hire Ptarmigan you do not hire an individual accountant but a highly skilled knowledgeable team. When you speak to your client contact you are gaining access to the knowledge of the team – this works most efficiently at our location. Depending upon your operations and needs we can arrange weekly, monthly etc. meetings where we can get together and work through problems face to face. How we deal and interact with a client depends upon you – the client.

At Ptarmigan we provide our employees with a distinct working environment and culture. We find that if our employees work at your offices they end up falling between working for us and working for you. They also lose the important support system that our office provides.